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Location: Bali, Indonesia
Architecture: SAI Architects, Roman Hryshchenko, Anastasiia Shalun
Visualization: NOM Bureau
Software: 3DS Max, FStorm Render, Photoshop CC
Project Year: 2022
Status: completed
Text description by the architects "We constantly seek to promote an appreciation of what is really important in life, eliminating from our architecture anything that is not essential, thus reaching states of inner peace through conscious contemplation. Good architecture pauses the mind and makes you enter the silence, and in that silence, you might find a small glimpse of peace."
EXTERIOR. The facade with wooden inserts fits perfectly into the old rocky areas with exotic trees.
INTERIOR. The interior design has been carefully designed to create a harmonious combination of light, curves, textures, nature and the essence of modern life. The house embodies art in the form of nature, with floor-to-ceiling windows that act as a canvas framing the picturesque rocky landscape.