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Sunset Vibes
Location: Miami, USA
Architecture and design: NOM Bureau
Visualization: NOM Bureau
Project Year: 2021
SUNSET VIBES is a modern minimalist interior that fits perfectly into the landscape of the metropolis. The living room windows face the western part of the house, this positioning provides the longest daylight and the opportunity to watch the sunset. Which tunes in to lyricism, romance, sweet melancholy, and the body rests and at the same time gaining strength. An open-plan hall opens in front of the living room with a plush sofa and light wood. It is an ideal place for organizing warm evenings and meetings with friends.The philosophy of space is to give up everything superfluous. Everything is in place here, it is the power of the interior. The conciseness of the lines is the main thesis of the interior.
We tried to reflect the elegant style of the space to create a spectacular effect. When choosing materials, we preferred naturalness and environmental friendliness. The most important function of this space - there is the creation of an atmosphere.
And a variety of light sources allows you to create different lighting scenarios. The bedroom is made on the border of traditions of minimalism and modern comfort.