Kapellveien Project
Location: Oslo, Norway
Client: Atlas Eiendom
Number of images: 15
Terms: 4 working weeks
Project Year: 2023-2024
The combination of traditional Scandinavian architecture and modern design makes each house a real capsule of comfort and tranquility for family life. One of the most charming features of these houses is their cozy courtyards and gardens. They create the perfect setting for outdoor recreation, picnics with family and games with children. Happy moments outdoors become an important part of life in these picturesque homes. In general, Scandinavian houses are a real symbol of comfort and tranquility. They inspire respect for nature, simplicity in life and reliability in comfortable living.
Project team
  • Oleksandr
    Founder & CEO
  • Anastasiia
    Project Manager
  • Marharyta
    3D Artist & Designer