Earthly Sirius Concept

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Architecture and design: NOM Bureau
Visualization: NOM Bureau
Project Year: 2021
Space EARTHLY SIRIUS is an ideal place, a manifestation of philosophy - a background for life.The living room is the center of gravity in the house. The seating area is designed according to the needs of all family members, so that everyone feels comfortable. We located the seating area closer to the window, away from the door. This option of zoning will create a kind of illusion of isolation, which is very important at the end of a hard day's work. Nothing is done here by accident, every detail and its combination serve a common purpose - to create a holistic and aesthetically pleasing living space. With the help of light sources and illuminated light accents, we visually enlarged the space, allocated in the room, various functional areas, emphasizing the design features. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms, this is where the owners rest, put their thoughts in order and retire. We used a general warm light that does not tire the eyes and does not cause irritation, for a space designed for rest and sleep.